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Icebergs Off the Starboard Bow

Dodging ice and an unprecedented winter has made for a slow start to the 2014 schoolship season. Thursday, Captain Ben braved the ice and seized a small window of opportunity to bring the schooner home to Suttons Bay. The winds shifted Thursday and the ice began a slowly drift out of Suttons Bay. Ben jumped on the opportunity, rounding up a quick crew and contacted the boat yard. After a long slow trip through the ice that looked more like an episode of Deadliest Catch, they arrived in Suttons Bay around 5:00 pm on Thursday.

Several months ago many of us were excited about the record setting winter and the impact it would have on the water levels in the Great Lakes. What we weren't thinking about at the time was the impact it would have on the few precious months we have to touch the lives of future scientists aboard the Schooner.

Anchor’s Aweigh -Seminar Series Recap

I recently enjoyed the opportunity to share in a celebration of the many accomplishments of Inland Seas as well as highlighted some of the priorities of the organization as we prepare to sail ISEA into the future. While we had a nice crowd, I know that many people weren’t able to attend the event so I thought I would try to re-cap some of the presentation highlights in this blog entry.

Sailing Inland Seas Into The Future

Despite this incredibly cold winter, we are holding out hope that when the proverbial weather tide turns, it will be a swift transition and the warmth of spring will settle quickly. The staff, board and various committees at Inland Seas have taken advantage of being cooped up all winter to get some serious planning done. The focus of our energies this winter has been on putting the pieces in place to sail Inland Seas into the next 25-years. We have just completed our strategic planning process and have established some short term priorities as well as big picture ideas of what Inland Seas will accomplish throughout the next several years. I'm looking forward to sharing more about all of these ideas during the April Seminar Series Program titled, "Sailing Inland Seas into the future." This presentation will occur on April 8th at the Suttons Bay High School Auditorium and is free of charge and open to the public.  We hope you all will be able to attend!

Pleasant Surprises

Inland Seas Education Association had the opportunity to recognize the backbone of our organization during our annual Volunteer Appreciation event during the snowing and blowing evening of January 24th. The turnout was amazing considering the awful weather conditions. However, the weather did cause us to ask why we hold this event in January. Many of our treasured volunteers are enjoying a warmer climate, while those still here are forced to travel in dangerous conditions.

Inland Seas Education Association

It is the mission of Inland Seas Education Association to enhance public understanding and stewardship of the Great Lakes through hands-on shipboard and onshore educational programs for children and adults.



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